Your Porsche is one of the most highly-specialized, finely-tuned machines on the planet. The Porsche has long been considered the gold standard when it comes to foreign vehicles, especially sports cars, and it has been earning that reputation over the past few decades. Moreso than even the Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or BMW, the Porsche is so many drivers’ “dream car” that it feels almost impossible for other cars to do much but live in the Porsche’s shadow. But even a vehicle as amazing as the Porsche will eventually need repair. And when that time comes for Porsche repair in Mahtomedi, MN, the name you know you can trust is Auto Edge – your Porsche specialists.

Porsche Repair Mahtomedi MN

You will likely never forget the day you drove your brand new Porsche off the lot. But eventually, seeing as the Porsche is a machine like any other, it is going to need repairs. When that day comes, you will face the same dilemma that every other Porsche owner does: Where do you bring it, and who do you trust? The dealership is certainly qualified to do the work, but it will almost assuredly cost you a fortune and take longer than you’ve got. And wouldn’t you know it, most auto repair shops aren’t qualified to work on Porsche vehicles – you need a professional, trained Porsche mechanic on staff to handle these issues. So your only, best choice for Porsche repair in Mahtomedi, MN, is Auto Edge. Make an appointment today!

Main Causes For Porsche Repair Mahtomedi MN

When it comes to Porsche repair in Mahtomedi, MN, we really see four main problems more than any other. These include:

  • Cooling Issues: Cooling leaks are known to develop in some Porsche models, especially older model vehicles.
  • Engine Issues: Some Porsche engines have been known to break down and produce excessive exhaust.
  • Suspension Issues: The ABS module has been known to fail in some Porsche models, as well as the CV joints.
  • Transmission Issues: Porches’ manual transmissions have been known to wear out and produce grinding noises. 

No matter the problem with your Porsche, the pros at Auto Edge are here to help.

Porsche Repair Near Me

When the time comes for Porsche repair in Mahtomedi, MN, the name you know you can trust is Auto Edge. We specialize in Porsche vehicles and have a team on-hand that has been factory trained and certified to work on these highly sought-after vehicles. If your Porsche is in trouble, bring it to Auto Edge and let us show you what makes us the very best.

Porsche Service

A big part of being a Porsche owner is making sure your beautiful foreign vehicle is well maintained at all times. Yes, this means washing it yourself in the driveway to the envy of all your neighbors, but it also means keeping things healthy under the hood as well. But how does one do that? To keep things running like the first day you got behind the wheel, you need a partner to help you keep up with scheduled maintenance. In Mahtomedi, MN, that partner is none other than the team at Auto Edge. We offer simply the very best Porsche service in Mahtomedi, MN!

Porsche Service Mahtomedi, MN

At Auto Edge, we want to see all Porsche drivers keep up with their vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Sure, you can bring your Porsche to us and we will let you know what is due for service based on the age of your vehicle and its mileage, but you can also determine this for yourself. Simply find the owner’s manual for your Porsche and flip to the very last section. THere you’ll find a complete list of scheduled maintenance services and when they should be performed based on mileage. Are you overdue for any services? If so, or if you are just planning ahead, the Porsche experts at Auto Edge are here to help. Simply swing by or make an appointment and we will get you up to date on your Porsche service in Mahtomedi, MN.

What Does A Porsche Service Include?

Most Porsche vehicles need service about once every 10,000 miles or once a year, roughly. During this annual service, our team will change your oil  and oil filter, check your cabin air and pollen filters, your brake fluid, your spark plugs, and much, much more. This annual service will, in most cases, be enough to keep your Porsche rolling, but specialty services may be required outside of this annual check-up. No matter what your vehicle needs, we offer the best Porsche service in Mahtomedi, MN.

Porsche Service Near Me

When you need Porsche service in Mahtomedi, MN, the only name you need is Auto Edge. Our team of Porsche experts is waiting to get your Porsche up to date on its maintenance schedule, and we will be here to help with your Porsche services for as many years as you own your vehicle. So when you are looking for the best Porsche service in Mahtomedi, MN, skip the dealership and trust your Porsche to the pros at Auto Edge.

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